Well & Simple Podcast

The Well & Simple Podcast

A No-Bullshi*t Approach to Nutrition, Wellness, & Fitness

The health/wellness sector can be a very confusing and toxic place. There’s so much misinformation out there, influencers pushing products just looking to make money, and loads of privilege, appropriation, and discrimination. It’s dizzying and it can be really difficult to know what you can trust. The Well & Simple Podcast is here to help you cut through the noise so you can get a fresh, honest take on things and make your own decisions. Each week, myself and my special guests tackle different topics and have some really powerful conversation along the way.

New episodes air every Wednesday on your favorite podcast platform

One Pot of Espresso, Please The Well & Simple Podcast

  1. One Pot of Espresso, Please
  2. Eggs Aren't Indiscriminately Murdering People
  3. Let's not villainize the strawberry

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