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10000 Steps – A Worthwhile Goal?

10000 steps per day – it’s preset into most fitness trackers and, by now, many of us believe we’re “supposed” to attain that number each day. However, this number is not actually derived from science. Actually, an ad for a Japanese step tracker started it all back in the 60s. The product took off and the number stuck with us.

So does this mean aiming for 10000 steps is pointless? No! Particularly if you tend towards a more sedentary lifestyle, aiming for that 10K a day can help increase your daily movement goals. Plus, it’s easy to remember and attainable for many.

Walking is among the most beneficial things you can do for your health. And most of us don’t do nearly enough of it. So, if having a goal of 10K steps per day gets you walking more, that’s awesome! However, studies have shown that even 7-8,000 steps per day positively impact health.

Our bodies are made to move. And having a daily step goal can be a great motivator and reminder to get moving. One thing to watch out for: attaining that step goal becoming too much of a focus. Also, keep in mind that fitness trackers are not super accurate. It’s important to be practical and balanced with these goals. If you’re tired or achey, your body is telling you something. Closing your rings or seeing 10000 on your tracker isn’t worth injury. So, find daily movement goals that feel best for you.

Do you aim for 10000 steps per day? Do you find it helpful?

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