Ditch the Diets – Online Healthy Eating Program

If you have ever struggled with dieting in the past, you probably have realized that it is almost never just about the food. I created this online group program for healthy eating, drawing on my own past experience struggling with eating habits and coaching clients over the last several years. This program is designed to teach you the skills you need to change your eating habits in sustainable, sensible ways going forward. This is not a diet plan; it’s a lifestyle change.

By the end of this program, you will:

>>> Understand the behaviors you want to change

>>> Be able to notice those behaviors in the moment, take control of the situation, and make the best decision for you

>>> Have developed a realistic, doable plan for changing your eating habits going forward

>>> Create a solid self-care routine to manage your stress and keep your mind in-tune with your body, making it easier to maintain your healthy eating habits going forward

This online group program will teach participants the skills they need to take charge of their eating habits and create healthy changes that last. Because a plan is no good without the tools to implement it.

This program includes:

>>> Weekly online group coaching meetings through Zoom

>>> A private Facebook support group with live Q&A sessions & resources

>> Additional exclusive resources to support you throughout the 8 weeks and beyond

>>> Skills, techniques, and resources you get to keep and continue using to help you progress on your health journey

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Kick-off April 7th

Tuesday evenings 7:00 PM

Take charge of your eating habits just in time for summer so you can enjoy what those months bring without feeling guilty. 

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