Nutrition Coaching Services

Well & Simple’s nutrition coaching services help you let go of the diet mindset, take control of your eating habits, & find the best balance for you while building healthy habits that stick.

Diets don’t work. That’s not your fault. It’s because diets rely on ineffective strategies like deprivation, restriction, and absolute overhauls. They focus only on the number on the scale rather than your habits and health.

I help chronic dieters leave those unhelpful diets habits behind, build healthful habits in their place, and learn to enjoy food again.

To help you achieve your goals, I offer an array of support outside of your regular sessions. That extra support goes a long way and sets Well & Simple apart.

Nutrition coaching services include:

  • virtual coaching sessions via video conferencing
  • access to a full-service online client platform and mobile app that includes easy-to-use food and mood journals, notes, forms, and more
  • healthy recipe compilations
  • check-ins and VIP access to coach between sessions
  • additional resources and referrals as appropriate

Sessions are typically sold in packs of 12 to ensure we are able to maximize your progress, but we can customize to your needs. Click the button below to set up a complimentary consult to discuss your goals!

Curious about how Well & Simple has helped others? Read some of our client testimonials here.

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