Meet Marissa

Hi! I’m Marissa. I’m a certified nutrition coach, pizza enthusiast, cat mom, and true crime junkie. I also own Well & Simple.


In 2016, I started Well & Simple to fill a gap that I saw in the health & wellness industry. There are so many diet programs out there and they all focus on how much you’re eating and treat weight loss as the be-all-end-all. They don’t focus on the quality of the food or what’s truly going on behind a person’s eating habits. And they definitely don’t account for how harmful numbers-focused deprivation tactics and unrealistic standards are.

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with a horrible body image and an insatiable urge to be thinner. I tried all kinds of diets. It became a bit of an obsession. I was convinced that eating one treat or skipping one workout would completely derail all of my hard work. At my turning point, I was down to 112 pounds at nearly 5’5″ tall. It took me a while to see that what I was doing was not actually healthy…in fact, it was dangerous. But that’s what the diet industry does – it takes over our mentality and gives us unrealistic standards to try to achieve. 

I created Well & Simple to be the opposite of a diet in some ways. I take a body-positive approach to healthy eating that focuses on nourishing your body. No weigh-ins, no pressure to hit a certain size. My clients and I work together to get to the root of their eating habits and set goals. Then, we create a sustainable plan to get them there using practical small changes, one step at a time. I want my clients to feel empowered, confident in themselves, and good about their progress.

Am I 100% there in terms of body image and eating right? No! I told you I’m a pizza enthusiast before I even got to my positive at Well & Simple. The fact is, no one is 100% there and, personally, I wouldn’t want to work with someone who was. I still have days when I look in the mirror and pick apart what I see. I still have nights when I think “why did I eat that?”. And that’s OK. We’re all just working on becoming our best selves and we are all working to find our balance. I will never pretend to be perfect and I would never ask you to be. However, I will do my best to support you, empower you, and help you hit your health goals.



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