Package Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Health Coaching Packages

Minimum Commitment

A minimum 12-week commitment is required for the purchase of health coaching packages. This is the average minimum amount of time needed for clients to start implementing the recommended changes and ensure that they are sticking to them.

Refunds will not be issued for any coaching packages ended prematurely by the client. Refunds for packages ended early by Marissa Szabo d/b/a Well & Simple will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Marissa Szabo d/b/a Well & Simple reserves the right to terminate the coaching relationship for any reason including but not limited to abusive or inappropriate behavior by the client, concerns over client health or safety requiring medical treatment, and chronic late cancellations.


For clients who wish to pay for their coaching packages in a series of payments, participation in autobill is required. Clients are responsible for the full coaching package cost if they end their coaching package prior to the 12-week minimum.

Cancellation Policy

As a small business owner, my time is at a premium and last minute cancellations are costly to me. Therefore, Well & Simple enforces a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Any sessions cancelled within that 24-hour window are still subject to payment in full and may not be made up at a later time. All appointments are booked a minimum of 2 weeks out so that there is sufficient opportunity to reschedule in advance if need be.

Included Services

The all-inclusive health coaching package includes bi-weekly in person health coaching sessions and virtual follow-ups in between sessions as well as the use of an online client portal and mobile app, healthy recipes, and meal planning assistance. In addition to these services, the following may be substituted for an in-person health coaching session: smart shopping trip, in-home cooking education, pantry cleanout, family coaching.

Promotional Pricing

A 12-week minimum commitment is required for all coaching packages. If a client purchases a coaching package under a promotional price and wishes to continue coaching beyond the 12-week period, the promotional price will continue to be honored.

Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

Scope of Practice

As a certified health and nutrition coach, Marissa Szabo d/b/a Well & Simple does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions and does not prescribe any treatments, dietary plans, or supplements mean to aid in the resolution of such conditions.

As such, any meal plans created for the client by Well & Simple are strictly for the purposes of providing clients with healthy options for their meals and snacks and to help make meal planning simpler and easier. Meal plans created by Well & Simple are not provided or created for the resolution of any medical or dietary condition.

Likewise, the client assumes all risk for allergic reactions that may occur in response to any ingredients contained in these recipes. While Well & Simple strives to provide recipes that are suitable for clients with dietary limitations, ultimately it is up to the client to be aware of their allergies and the foods they are unable to eat.

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