Our lives are busy and those one-size-fits-all programs just don’t fit. My health coaching programs are tailored to you and your life so you can find your balance and make healthy changes that last. 

Health Coaching Services

  • Initial consult
  • Personalized, step-by-step wellness plan designed to move you towards your goals at YOUR pace
  • Regular appointments – in-person or virtual (45 -60 minutes)
  • Smart shopping trip – we hit the grocery store together to start putting some of what we discuss in our sessions into real world practice
  • Pantry cleanout – together we work through your pantry and fridge, identifying opportunities to substitute healthier options and eliminate the most difficult temptations
  • Email follow-up and check-in
  • Meal planning support
  • Additional resources, recipes, shopping lists, etc.

Contact Marissa at wellandsimplehealth@gmail.com or 508-470-1880 for an initial consult to start your journey towards healthier habits.

How It Works

During an initial consult, we determine what your goals are and flesh out your current habits, the changes that you need to make to reach those goals, and what the obstacles are that are getting in your way. I get to learn a bit about how you form habits and learn, what motivates and demotivates you, what makes you happy, and where you ultimately want to be. We also work out the nitty-gritty aspects – what your schedule looks like and what kind of services would work best for you.

From there, I put together a wellness strategy to help you reach your goals, which I discuss with you and we tweak it together as needed. Session by session, we work on making simple changes one step at a time to help you reach those goals without adding any more stress or overwhelm to your already busy life.






Payment is due upon appointment. A 24-hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced.
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