Empowered Eating Group Program

Enrollment for The Empowered Eating Group Program is now open!

Well and Simple’s newest group coaching program is designed to help you get to the root of your eating habits, so you can start to change your relationship with food, end the vicious diet cycle, and finally feel in control of your food choices. 

The Empowered Eating Group is not another weight loss challenge or diet program. It can help you let go of unhelpful diet behaviors and move towards a place where you’re not debating your every food choice, questioning your hunger, or depriving yourself of food. There are no weigh-ins, weight loss goals, or group pressure to lose weight.

Who is the Empowered Eating group program for?

The Empowered Eating group program is for anyone who:

  • Has done multiple diets over the years and is tired of it
  • Feels out of control around certain foods 
  • Thinks they can’t trust their cravings
  • Feels guilty about their food choices
  • Constantly spends time debating between the food they want and the “good” choice
  • Consistently feels confused about what foods they “should” eat

What does Empowered Eating group program include?

  • 8 weeks of virtual group meetings held via Zoom
  • Access to an online platform/mobile app including your own private virtual file 
  • Access to a group message board to continue our conversations and share what is going well for you
  • Lifetime access to program materials
  • Combination of work done together on the call and independently between calls

All of this is included for just $600


Upgrade for One-on-One Support

Now, these are obviously big topics, so if you would like some individual support as well, you can upgrade with 2 one-to-one coaching sessions to be scheduled at your convenience during the course of the program. You may use those sessions however you’d like to help you get the most out of this program and dig deeper. 

Upgrade your program with 2 individual sessions for just $750 – that’s 25% off the regular individual rate. 

The Deets

Enrollment for this program opens on September 1st and closes on September 22nd. The first meeting will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, September 29th at 7 PM. We will continue to meet each Wednesday at 7 PM for 8 weeks total.

This small group program contains limited participation spots in order to: allow group participants to forge connections, ensure each participant has the opportunity to share and discuss, create an open space for communication and learning, and create a safe space ensuring participant confidentiality.

What Will Empowered Eating Cover?

Part 1: Getting to the Root of Your Eating Habits

In order to change or influence anything, you have to understand it. So the first part of the Empowered Eating program focuses on helping you write your food story and gain clarity on how you got where you are with food.

Part 2: Where Are You Now and Where Do You Want to Be?

Once we have that understanding of where our eating habits and mentality came from, we need to understand what our current situation is, where we ultimately want to be, and how to get there. This involves painting a very clear picture of your future for yourself.

Part 3: Letting Go of the Diet Mentality

With the shared goal of ending the vicious diet cycle for ourselves, we will next spend some time learning about what the diet mentality is and where we see ourselves exhibiting it. We will then help each other rewrite those scripts so we can let go of that mentality.

Part 4: Dispelling Diet Myths: What You Need to Know about Nutrition for Empowered Eating

It’s true that knowledge is power. And in order to re-empower yourself around food and cut through the noise and confusion of diet rules, we will spend some time talking about diet myths and the facts about nutrition you need to know.

Part 5: Finding Your Balance & Sustaining It

With a nutrition coach’s support and guidance, the final part of this program will focus on finding your balance and creating the changes you want to see in sustainable, practical, healthful ways.

***Please note this is NOT an eating disorder recovery group and Well & Simple is not an eating disorder specialist or certified intuitive eating counselor. 

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