Client Reviews about Well & Simple’s programs:

Marissa worked with my teenager daughter to workout a health plan to help with her fibromyalgia & chronic pain condition. Marissa & Well & Simple health coaching took the time to work on a detailed health plan that was design just for my daughters health needs & wellness goals. Marissa met with my daughter weekly, gave meal tips, grocery shopping tips and shared recipes. This wasn’t a diet it was a complete lifestyle change that achieved her wellness goals for reducing her pain and inflammation. Marissa has a passion for health & wellness that shows in how she cares for her clients. Thank you!”

“It’s amazing how much I’ve learned – and the much healthier choices I’m making without even thinking about it... It’s all been so eye opening.”

“Working with Marissa has been great. She’s flexible with her schedule which is has been a blessing. I appreciate that she responds to all of my questions thoughtfully and with informed detail. I started this process to just work on my relationship with food and general fitness. I thought that meant getting a meal plan I hated and forcing my way through some diet. Instead, we had a great conversation about my goals and started working from where I’m at. Marissa encourages me to set achievable goals that don’t overwhelm me. I like that her coaching style incorporates discussion of social-emotional health as well. All in all I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and I’m excited for what’s next.” 

“[Working with Marissa,] I learned a lot and was energized and excited to keep making smart, healthy choices with my eating habits.

I also really appreciated the ‘sticky’ ways she talked about nutrition – The ‘brainy breakfast’ and the stop light model – helps make a lot of information make sense and remember-able.” 

“I recently did a 5-day cleanse with Marissa. Of the course the first few days were rough. I was hungry, cranky and missed my caffeinated coffee. I stuck with it and she encouraged me. Marissa gave me meal ideas, snack ideas and positive feedback. By the end of the 5 days I felt great. I have since kept caffeine and dairy completely out of my diet. I feel better, sleep better and am less bloated. Thank you Marissa for pushing me!! “

Attended Marissa’s free workshop on immunity (transitioning to winter is cold/flu season). I thought that I was well-read when it comes to health and wellness, but I learned a lot. I also liked how informal the workshop felt, and Marissa asked if we had any questions or concerns that we wanted addressed. The audience engaged in a lively conversation. I especially enjoyed the bit on gratitude (a way to relax and therefore strengthen our immunity) – she asked us all to write down 10 things about which we were thankful. What a tough exercise, but it was pleasant to hear what others wrote and that it was a struggle for everyone, not just me. Looking forward to more workshops!”

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