Hey there! I’m Marissa. I’m a certified health coach, foodie, nerd, and fitness enthusiast.

DSC_3253I grew up in a family plagued by obesity and all of the health problems that come with it – diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, you name it. There were always people around me trying out a new diet or talking about losing weight. It took me a very long time to understand what a healthy relationship with food looked like.

As I got older, my relationship with food got even unhealthier. I was so passionate about being healthy, but it wasn’t until after college that I figured out I was doing it all wrong. That’s when things shifted for me and I started focusing on truly being healthy, not just being super skinny. I loved the way I felt when I was taking care of myself and healthy living became a lifestyle

I finally decided to make my passion my calling and changed careers to start Your Best Life Wellness Coaching. I am certified through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute in LEAN Start and LEAN Expectations so I can work with individuals, families, and expecting and postpartum women. I also have a Bachelor’s degree from Smith College which has given me the skills I need to read the latest research and studies on weight loss and supplements with a critical eye and build a network of likeminded, trusted professionals who can assist my clients with aspects that fall outside of the scope of my practice.

My health coaching practice is based on 4 core beliefs:

  • Diets don’t work.
  • There is much more to health and wellness than what you eat and how much you sweat.
  • You can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy food.
  • Everyone is capable of making lasting healthy lifestyle change.

I’m excited to work together with you to help you live your best life!