My 5 Favorite Food Shows

I decided to write fun blog post! Food and cooking shows are super popular right now and everyone’s got their thing. So I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 and I would love to hear from you what yours are in the comments! So check these out and then let me know what I’m missing out on!

1. A Chef’s Life

This show is on PBS (WGBX44 in Boston) and it follows Chef Vivian Howard, who owns the Chef and the Farmer and the Boiler Room in North Carolina. First off, NC has a special place in my heart as my boyfriend (or do you become a manfriend after the age of 30?) is originally from there and my father currently lives there – so that was my initial hook. What kept me hooked is that I absolutely LOVE traditional Southern cooking – not just the food, but the stories behind it, the traditions. I think that’s what makes southern cuisine unique. This show really gets to that. Each episode focuses on either a specific ingredient or a specific dish and Chef Vivian takes you through her childhood experiences with it, then she takes you to the farm she sources it from, and then she makes it with her own spin on it. I just love her appreciation for and connection with the food and I love that her prep really just lets the ingredients speak for themselves.

2. The French Chef with Julia Child

Disclosure: I share an alma mater with Julia Child, so I’m a little biased. But really, Julia Child is timeless. You can catch episodes of The French Chef in syndication on PBS from time to time and I always try to watch it when it’s on. My favorite part about this show is the way that Julia was so authentic and anything but perfect. She had no issues being silly on camera, mistakes were kept in the final episode, and sometimes her dishes were just not pretty but all of that is what makes this show so great. She made French cooking accessible and I think that watching reruns of this show is really refreshing in this TV era where everything is fabricated perfection.

3. Mind of a Chef

This one is on Netflix so you can watch it any time. Mind of a Chef introduces you to some of the most successful, highly respected, and/or innovative chefs from all over. I like this for the same reason as A Chef’s Life – the stories. I just really like getting a glimpse into their lives and learning about the stories behind their creativity.

4. The Great British Baking Show

I don’t think I know anyone who hates this show. It’s just fun and British.

5. Lidia’s Kitchen

Lidia Bastianich is the adorable Italian grandmother you wish you had. There’s just something really wonderful and comforting about watching her make classic Italian dishes in her kitchen with a big pot of herbs growing behind her. What I like best is that she actually DIGS IN to the food she makes once it’s done. In a world of TV chefs who don’t touch their food or who just taste a crumb, we need more Lidia Bastianich.