Fresh Start Day 4

“I was doing really well…until I read the word ‘bagel'”

Yup, I said that today. Not my finest moment. Also, America’s Test Kitchen and Phantom Gourmet are not my friends right now.

I am definitely missing some foods today, mostly carbs and cheese. But I’m finding that it’s only when I’m hungry. As soon as I have something to eat, I’m fine and not missing any foods. I guess that makes sense, but the fact that I’m able to be satisfied without eating the food I’m thinking of is pretty cool. I’m also getting better at getting to the root of these urges. For example, if I’m feeling like I want cheese, something with more heft and texture like avocado or mango satisfies me. It’s more the creaminess I’m after than the food so my body is likely telling me it needs some fat. Notice that I haven’t been using the word “craving” here. A craving is something that gnaws at you so you can only focus on getting the thing you want and that’s not what I’ve been experiencing at all. I think of a food that I would like to have, but I don’t feel like I need it and I can easily let it go.┬áThat is pretty amazing and I think really shows how this week helps reshape your body systems.

Speaking of body systems, this is a great week to really take care of your body. In addition to cleansing and slowing down, there are a number of self-care actions you can do that will actually help the cleanse along even more. For example, today I took a long, hot shower and exfoliated with a lavender sugar scrub. Exfoliation and massage are great for your lymphatic system. Getting plenty of sleep is crucial and I’ve been taking care not to eat before bedtime because fasting overnight helps your body focus its energy on detoxifying while you sleep.

One last update, I’m pleased to report that I have not yet experienced any Herxheimer reaction symptoms. As I think I mentioned in a previous post, this is when, in the course of a healing process, you must essentially feel worse before you feel better. Your body is being pushed into detox mode in this cleanse week and it’s common to show side effects, such as a headache, breakout, even flu-like symptoms as your body rids itself of toxins. Typically such symptoms crop up at around this point in the cleanse, so I’m pretty happy I haven’t had any (knock on wood).

So I’m over the halfway mark and still going strong. But, I can’t help but say THREE MORE DAYS!!!